Saturday, 14 March 2009


The commute to work is beginning to get easier. There's no longer a need for expensive LED lights to illuminate the way as it's daylight at 7am when I leave. It's not getting dark until after 6 in the evening, so the ride home is less The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul that it was in early January.

I'm getting faster too. I broke the World Record for cycling from my house to my work twice last week, getting it down to 55m 40s on Wednesday and then 54m 14s on Friday. The average HR is starting to come down as well from somewhere up in the 170s to a less-alarming 159bpm. Still looks like the metabolism of a hummingbird to me, however.

So, actual quantifiable progress. An added bonus is the early signs of spring. The flowers are starting to emerge from the ground and there are lots of birds around in the mornings; buzzards on fenceposts, skylarks, meadow pipits and lapwings singing their songs and a flock of waxwings visiting from Northern Europe.

I'm going to slow things down next week and take some photos.

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