Sunday, 22 March 2009

Back riding and in a ditch

The chest cold has gone and finally after almost two weeks I am back riding again. I have had three ride in three days including riding with some fast kids and I felt good. One of the rides was at Drumlanrig the trails were amazing dry fast rooty and thoroughly involving, the sun even shone I was in heaven.

Today was a road ride with K and I crashed after 10minutes. I had noticed before that my road bike had a tendency to slip out when conditions were damp but I didn't expect a two wheel drift round a corner. I approached the corner at a moderate speed and leant over only for the bike to start to drift, a quick correction and then lean and slide again. I managed this twice including a bit of braking in between but with the corner on a steep hill I had little time and slowing down wasn't an option. I almost had it when I hit the verge and went flying over the bars landing in a heap covered in mud down one side with the bike flipping ending up in heap in the road. Luckily I was unhurt soft landing and so was the bike so we could continue our ride.

2hrs 15mins into a howling wind but I am just glad to be riding my bike again. Pic to follow.

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