Tuesday, 17 March 2009

CRAFT moment?

This morning was beautiful. Slight easterly breeze, sun up at 6am, cool. I headed off to work at 7 and realised when I got to the top of the hill before Auchtertool that I'd forgotten the camera I'd laid out last night.

So you'll just have to picture the scene...

winding country road, a copse of beech trees to the left with the ever-present buzzard on a nearby fencepost; there is a wrought-iron sign for "Auchtertool Kirk" which sits beside the stark skeleton of a long dead oak and perfectly frames the view east over the mist-filled valleys to north Berwick Law and the Bass Rock in the distance.

I didn't beat my Dun -> Kdy time today, though I was faster to the Mosmorran roundabout; however coming home was superb. Light wind from the NE, sprinting up all the hills in the big ring before taking a detour to ride the singletrack from Cowdenbeath to Crossgates. I made it home in 1hr and 1min, 3 minutes quicker than my fastest time on the usual route which is 2km shorter.

Last post, I vowed to go slow and take some pictures. Double fail. Sometimes I Can't Remember A Fecking Thing...

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