Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Illness is a factor in any training preparation that is best limited wherever possible. Mine started last Sunday after riding with a Talent team rider. I had felt okay but suffered on the hills. It was when I got home and suddenly felt like I had to sit down and rest that I knew something wasn't right. My throat had been a bit hoarse in the morning but nothing of note. Monday morning and I was officially ill, by Tues it was a struggle to get up body all sore and my voice sounded like I smoked 40 a day. So i'm faced with enforced time of the bike, although I did manage a 2hour ride on Friday as part of my work mostly sessioning sections(mmmm not like work really)

With that time of my bike I have time to ponder bike setup and why my hands get sore on certain runs at Glentress. I phoned TF tuned and they tell me my forks rebound can't cope therefore the forks pack down. I've tried several different grips and varied the settings on my forks so this seems to make sense. So now the question is do I upgrade my Rebas with a PUSH upgrade or just sell them and go for seomething new????????????????????????

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