Saturday, 3 January 2009

Festive Training

Stuart manages to keep the training up over the festive period. Until he gets injured.

The "ride-day, rest-day, repeat" routine is maintained along with plenty of eating and drinking; a training plan which won't be found in the pages of "Mountain Bike Fitness Training" by John Metcalfe, which Stuart finds in his Christmas stocking.

Highlights include a couple of laps of the Strathpuffer circuit in perfect conditions with all the trees covered in several days' build up of rime and not a breath of wind. A foolhardy attempt at the Quarry Drop on the Firetower Trail near Lochgilphead sees a painful fall onto elbow and knee after neglecting to fully clear the runout of ice. There is a lot of swearing, though mostly at tearing his new eVent jacket...

This is followed by a circuit of the Leacann Muir road between Loch Awe and Loch Fyne. Stuart gets too cocky on the descent and failing to learn the lessons of two days ago, slides on ice and falls painfully onto his elbow and knee - the same elbow and knee. This time he swears with real conviction.

Attempts to gain sympathy are met only with abuse and ridicule. Stuart decides to stay off the bike for a couple of days, at least until he can bend his knee.

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