Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bike geekery.

Stuart's bikes.

Kinesis Maxlight XC Pro 2.

Aluminium and carbon hardtail. Shimano XT tubeless wheels with Bontrager Revolt-X tubeless tyres and Stan's sealant. Shimano XT drivetrain and shifters. Shimano XT brakes. Rockshox Reba SL forks. Easton EC70 carbon seatpost. RaceFace NEXT low-riser carbon bar. FSA zero-stack headset. SDG Bel-air RL saddle. TIME ATAC XE pedals.

This is the bike I'll probably ride in the Transalp. It's pretty light and fast and relatively comfortable on all-day rides, but feels sketchy on steep downhills. I'll need to experiment with the setup. Moving the saddle down and forward has made it more comfortable. Next thing to play around with is the stem length - I think it's too long which puts the weight too far forward on descents.

Dave has one of these bikes too. Maybe Kinesis will lavish sponsorship money on us. Then again, maybe they won't, what with the credit crunch and all. I'm sure we were in their plans until the downturn in the economy.

More bike geekery later.

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