Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Two and Half minutes

2.5 minutes its a pitiful time for any endurance sport but this was going to be my work out. It had to be at maximum effort, its going to make up for my inability to get out for a long ride and the poor week I've just had and its only 150seconds so how hard can it be? Very........

The Trans Cairngorms weekend made my total for that week 23hours but by Sunday the following week I had managed just over 2 hours. Travelling to and from Bournemouth for a British XC race in two days hadn't helped making me knackered without having done that much. At least I get to ride the course as Coach Dad. I'm begining to realise that fitting in training around life is as much of a challenge as physically doing the riding.

My bold plans had been to make amends and go out for a long road ride on the Sunday after recovering from 8hours travelling the day before and a late night. Suited and booted I leave the house to get my bike only for it monsoon down. I can't face going out in it and make an excuse of not wanting to get ill. The only thing for it is the 2.5 minute work out.

Some bods have done research that found that by doing a workout that consisted of five 30s maximum efforts with 5minutes rest in between gave the same aerobic benefit as riding for 2hours. It sound really easy warm up then ride at max for a mere 30seconds rest for 5 minutes and repeat. Riding the turbo you need a goal to make it bearable

The radio is on in the shed and warming up is a pleasant process. As the start of the first 30s approach I move onto the drops and shift into the big ring ready to start. Accelerating up to full speed my legs are a blur, I'm focused to get the max out of this workout I've been going for ages and I quickly check to make sure I don't do too much. 5 seconds have past and I am struggling to read the garmin as my vision is blurred after 10 seconds its a real struggle and I battle through to 20sseconds at this point my legs are screaming my heart is pumping and I'm getting slower. I now wish I had gone out in the rain. Finally its over and I flick the gears to as easy as possible just keeping my buckled legs turning. How does Chris Hoy sprint like this time after time? The minutes in between gives me times to adjust the Garmin display to have the time as big as possible so I can read it when I go cross eyed in pain. Only 2minutes to go.........

I manage the last four sessions the 5minutes rest are as much a time for mental recovery as its for physical. If only I had Heather Graham cheering me on. I think Stuart and I have found our official mascot for the Transalp

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