Sunday, 12 July 2009

Annusol and Vaseline

I had my first dream about the Transalp and it had nothing to do with Annusol or vaseline, more on that later.

Stuart and I had arrived at the finish of the first stage and I had forgotten to pick up a ticket from the start which would allow me to check in. I couldn't finish the stage and I was frantically trying to find a solutiuon that didn't involve cycling back to the start.
There are of course no tickets required, it was, I think a stress dream. 6 Days to go and counting..........

Back to the Annusol and vaseline. Friday, Stuart and I meet up at Costco to buy provisions for the trip with bulk bags of pasta and cereal bars bought it was time to concentrate on the mdeical side of things. We had the trade packs of Ibuprofen and Paracetomal(with more than enough to off ourselves if it gets too much) but there was the secret lotion that Transrockie competitor Lesley had told me about. After my complaining about the pain experienced during fit your butt to the saddle Lesley had passed on the Transrockie secret potion given out by the medical team for those suffering in the nether region. Hamerroid cream mixed with vaseline offers an anasethetic soothing that no other cream, lotion or spray can match.

So it was that stuart and I ended up at Sainsburys pharmacy asking for Annusol cream to numb the area and vaseline for lubrication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not even a raised eyebrow from the assistant our school boy humour was not shared, we were in Edinburgh after all.

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