Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Injury and Weight obsessions

Ok so I have put it off but now I have to admit I do have an injury. Tracing things back I remember the fall that started it all. I could say I was being over exuberant but I don't believe in that, after all mountain biking is about speed. Conditions had been poor with snow and more importantly sheet ice making it pretty treacherous and slow going on the climbs. So when I started on a natural downhill with mud and roots but no ice(or so it seemed) it was engage big ring, pedal like mad and disengage brain. The trees were whizzing by mud flying from my wheels, I flicked the wheel to skip over a large root only to slide on the icy root and fly off the bike landing badly smacking and twisting my knee.

I've damaged a ligament in my knee caused by twisting it in the fall. It became progressively worse and when I rested it it didn't get any better. With the Transalp getting ever closer I decided to pay for some professional help. Now two treatments in, my knee is much better and I have been back on my bike but taking it gradually.

With time on my hands I have been able to investigate that important issue of weight. With 22,000metres of climbing every unnecessary gram is going to be felt on the climbs. Questions like what is the lightest helmet, backpack wheels tires etc all came to mind. I found myself thinking about buying a Giro Ionos helmet at approx 200 grams it will be 100 grams lighter than my current helmet but is costs £125. I can save 100grams by changing my multitool to the speialised EMT race multi-tool. Oh and I could get Stuart to cary my pump and spare innertubes to save even more weight........ At some point though I looked in the mirror and realised that the extra 7-8kg that I have gained since starting Teacher training is where my focus needs to be. So all I need to do is expend more energy than I eat its easier to do more exercise than it is to eat less so I know which gets my vote. Just one problem my knee so we are back full circle.......... time to investigate more weight saving through the power of the pound.

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